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Served Monday-Saturday, 11am-3pm


All sandwiches are served with housemade pickled cucumber.

Croque Monsieur  11
Jambon de Paris ham, Swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, country bread

Croque Madame 12.5
Jambon de Paris ham, Swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, farm-fresh egg, country bread

Turkey & Boursin  10.5 
Smoked turkey breast, pesto aioli, confit onion, Boursin cheese country bread

Reuben  11.5   
House-made corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island, Swiss cheese, mustard, rye bread

Chicken Paillard  12
Marinated grilled chicken breast, mustard-tarragon aioli, fennel-cucumber salad, Farm to Market bread

Earth  11 
Seasoned tomatoes, Cafe Provence farm green herbs aioli, arugula, Comte cheese, country

Pork Schnitzel  13.50  
Breaded Duroc pork loin, apple-cilantro slaw, huckleberry preserves, egg bun

Only available Friday and Saturday
Crab Cake Sliders  8.5 each
with horseradish aioli


Hannah Fries   4
with Pesto Aioli

Phil’s Potato Salad 3

House-made Pickled Cucumbers  2.5

Baguette & Butter  3

Carrot Salad   3
chickpeas, cumin, anchovy



Chef Daniel’s Soup of the Day 
Cup  4.5  /  Bowl  7

House Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette  5



Chocolate Mousse  5    

Chef’s Daily Dessert Special  5


Grand Mere  9.75
Jambon de Paris ham, Swiss cheese, farm-fresh egg (add bacon for $1.5)

Chicken Bechamel  10.5
Chicken, mushroom, spinach, Swiss cheese, cream sauce

Provençal  8.5
Ratatouille, goat cheese, arugula, tomato coulis

Hannah  9.5
Roasted turkey breast, cheddar, onion confit (add farm-fresh egg $1.5)

Brittany  10
House-smoked salmon, caper remoulade, red onion sumac


We are proud to serve organic, free-range local eggs!


Patrick’s Confiture  6
Homemade jam and butter

Chocolate  8
Ganache of dark and white chocolate

Apple-Pear Compote  7
Caramelized apple and pear, lemon

Caramel & Sea Salt  7
Caramel, Fleur de sel

Citron  6
Lemon, butter, sugar

Nutella  7
Hazelnut-cocoa spread

The Classic  9
Nutella, marinated strawberries, sliced banana

Fruit of the Season  7
Fresh fruit, butter, sugar


6943 Tomahawk Rd
Prairie Village, KS 66208
In the Shops at Prairie Village 

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday from 8am-8pm.
Closed Sunday.

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